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Engine, Transmission & Brakes

Engine, Transmission, and Brakes Repair in Battle Ground

Engine, Transmission, and Brakes Repair in Battle Ground

The intricate parts of your truck, such as the engine, transmission, and brakes, are vital for your truck to work properly and to keep you safe. They also go through a lot of wear and tear every day as you drive. Therefore, these parts can break down or show signs of disrepair that can affect your ability to work and drive with confidence and efficiency.
JR Field & Service, Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair in Battle Ground is here to make sure that your transmission, brakes, engine, and other vital parts of your truck are repaired, overhauled, and serviced quickly to ensure you drive safely and as efficiently as possible. We understand that your time is money.

Transmission Repair

Our mechanics are trained and qualified to handle the intricacies of semi-truck transmissions. You can count on our years of experience to get your transmission up to snuff and eradicate any clutch problems your truck may be having.
We are dedicated to getting your truck back on the road and delivering quality transmission repairs, so you can safely rely on your truck to get you where you need to go for years to come.

Engine Repair

Our team of highly skilled professionals specializes in semi-trucks and heavy equipment, so you can count on us for the best and most proficient engine repairs. Our mechanics have years of experience working on diesel engines and know the ins and outs of your heavy vehicle. No matter the size of your truck, we’ve got your engine repair needs covered.

Brake Repair

We understand the key function your truck’s brakes perform, and at JR Field & Service, Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair, we are committed to keeping you safe by repairing your truck’s brakes to like-new condition. No matter what condition your brakes are in, you can count on our qualified staff to perform the right repairs that will ensure your safety.
If your truck is showing signs of disrepair, whether it be with your transmission, your engine, your brakes, or something else entirely, us today. We offer reliable services, friendly advice, free quotes, and affordable prices. Don’t hesitate to reach out; call us today for a no-hassle consultation.